My business comes primarily from referrals and recommendations.

Georgios, London

I started playing tennis less than a year ago and have made significant progress thanks to David’s coaching.  He teaches a modern style that is effective, easy on the body and beautiful to watch.  He has an impressive knowledge of tennis technique.  He will not micro manage you but he can break down the different strokes into the smallest details if you feel, as I did, that this is what you need to improve your technique.  His coaching style consists of careful observation, patience and positive reinforcement which means I get good feedback at appropriate intervals.  David shows me how to do things right as opposed to telling me what I am doing wrong.  And when I get things right, the big smile on his face across the court tells me everything that a ball that’s landed just wide will not.

David’s passion for tennis is difficult to hide and highly contagious.  You have been warned!

Karen, Mum of Two Daughters, Clapham

We started tennis coaching with David a year ago in a bid to help improve my daughter’s self-confidence. I discussed this with David before we started the lessons and he began by teaching myself and my daughter together. He was so accommodating which really helped. He is enthusiastic, patient and really makes the lessons fun. The lessons are one of the contributory factors to her increase in self-confidence. David makes her laugh and keeps the lessons varied to keep her engaged. Through his lessons, my daughter’s love of the sport has grown, and she now really enjoys playing. One of the great things is that David passes on his love of the sport, you can see he enjoys taking the lesson.

James, Dad to Zoe and Anais, 9 and 11, London

David Taylor is a fantastic tennis coach, teaches a modern style, is very good with kids and is very friendly. My daughters have both benefited from his patient tuition and I have also had adult lessons with him over the last 2 years. He has the exceptional skill of teaching both single and double handed. I would highly recommend him.

Sam, Mum to Annabel (15) and Beatrice (12), London

The girls have been taught by David for approximately one year now, and are both really improving. Beatrice had a break but has been going again since the start of the year, and has now increased to two lessons a week, at her request, which shows how much she is enjoying it! Both have individual tuition and play outside all year round. David’s infectious enthusiasm helps to keep the girls motivated and engaged. He provides regular feedback to us on their progress and communicates well. He has a great relationship with the girls, and is kind and encouraging. He manages to maintain a sense of fun with the girls, while still ensuring they are learning. I feel very comfortable with him teaching them, and am at ease not being at the lesson.