Restringing prices

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex: Solid core single wrap, good quality synthetic with good balance of playability & durability: Natural: £22.00

Head Sonic Pro: Monofilament, durability in a soft co-polymer offering good control, touch and spin: Black or White: £22.00

Wilson Shock Shield: Monofilament, vibration dampening meets durability: Blue: £24.00

Wilson Sensation Comfort 16: Multifilament, A soft & comfortable string with a great blend of feel & playability and arm friendly vibration dampening qualities: Natural: £25.00

Head PWR Fusion: Multifilament, superior power and control, minimal tension loss with reduced vibration: Black: £26.00

Luxillon Alu Power 125: Monofilament, unforgiving pro performance with a dead feel for spin and control from big swings: Silver: £27.00

Wilson NXT or NXT Control 16: Multifilament, a premium synthetic with great control, larger sweet spot & less vibration: Natural: £30.00

Wilson NXT Power (previously Tour) 16: Multifilament, High performance with closest feel to natural gut, very soft with fantastic feel and control: Natural: £30.00

If your preferred string isn’t above I can more than likely access it so do ask.

For more information or advice on the most suitable string for your needs please do contact me.